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Briefings and Presentations  

To support our workshop attendees we have produced briefings on different aspects of impact and measurement. 

Each briefing offers a practical insight into impact measurement, data collection, and some of the uses different methods can be applied to. 

They are intended to be read alongside the workshop presentation. These are provided below.

Evaluation: What it is and why it matters

Briefing 1.png

This briefing looks at what evaluation is. It explores (and explains) some basic evaluation concepts, and describes some of the terms used. In doing so, it starts to look in depth at the issue of not just describing change - but measuring it as well.

Impact Measurement: The basics and getting it right

Getting evaluation right requires organisations to think about why they are evaluating a service, and the data they want from it. This briefing explores some of the issues that need to be considered when designing an impact evaluation. 

Process Evaluation: What it is and when to do it

Briiefing 3.png

What if unforeseen barriers and challenges to delivering a programme (for staff) or engaging with them (for service users) interfere with impact? Process evaluation offers an opportunity to identify issues in advance and ensure that when an intervention is launched it has the best chances of working as predicted.  In this briefing we explain how to undertake process evaluation and when you should do so.

Developing and using outcome frameworks: a practical guide

What’s the point of an outcome framework? Outcomes frameworks are tools for informing data collection. More to the point, they enable organisations to link the data they collect to the outcome it is meant to measure. This briefing explores how outcome frameworks ensure that data is ‘about’ an outcome, and how to develop them. It explains some of the basic concepts around outcome measurement, and how to use them to inform data collection.