Portfolio Measurement and Impact Reporting


A core element of our offer is the development of shared measurement frameworks. These enable impact to be captured across a portfolio of programmes and funded activity. This enables us to provide funders with consistent data on the impact of their investment as a whole. It also support charities in receipt of funding to measure and report their impact more consistently.  Overall, the objectives for this programme are:

  1. To enable funders to identify and measure their impact as social investors or grant funders across a portfolio of funded charities.

  2. To support charities to collect, use, and report their data more effectively.

  3. To help charities use data effectively, so that they can develop more effective programmes and tell the story of the impact they have.

  4. To explore how service deliverers can demonstrate added value for funders and commissioners, through improved reporting processes and more consistent data. 

We also bring together charities and programmes that receive investment into a series of evaluation ‘networks’. These networks provide practical evaluation support, capacity development and the data collection tools to enable each charity to report more effectively to funders on impact, cost-effectiveness and programme delivery .